Your loved ones should inherit ALL your assets, including the DIGITAL ones. Digital Suite enables you to share data and passwords, store files in vaults, and assign them all to digital executors and legacy contacts using blockchain technology.


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Why Choose Digital Suite?

Get your digital affairs in order for your loved ones before the “final order.” With Digital Suite, you can accelerate the inheritance timeline for your heirs, placing the transfer process of your Digital, Crypto, and NFT assets on autopilot. Create efficiencies to share critical documents and credentials, while allowing you to keep track of legacy contacts and beneficiaries assigned to your digital assets.


Beneficiary Reporting

It starts with trust and ends with trust. Allowing you to assign and keep track of legacy contacts and beneficiaries.


Business Succession

A leader's lasting value is measured by succession. Allowing you to add and share business agreements, ownership details, and succession protocols.


Social Legacy

Your Accounts, You Decide. Allowing you to add or nominate a caretaker to manage or delete your social media accounts and take control of your social legacy.


Digital Will™

Your digital footprint is your legacy. Allowing you to accelerate the inheritance timeline for heirs. Enabling asset transfer process on autopilot to securely pass on your Digital, Crypto, and NFT Assets.


Critical Data Sharing

Data is everywhere, but security isn’t. Allowing you to create efficiency in sharing critical documents and credentials in a secure environment. Enabling you to provide access to vital information to loved ones quickly without concern.


Digital Vault

If you want data to live on, carve it in stone. Allowing you to have a rock-solid encrypted vault where you can save or backup your most important digital files, and keep them within reach, even after you’re gone. Store and share identification documents, guardianship directives, family records, power of attorney documents, insurance policies, and so much more.

How It Works?

Keeping your digital life ahead of the digital revolution.



Digital Will™

Create a will for your digital assets and set it to initiate automatically.


Digital Vault

Upload your critical documents to store and share in a secure environment.


Digital Sharing

Grant access to critical files and credentials to legacy contact and loved ones.

Success Story

Lost Bitcoin stranded in wallets is estimated to be $140 billion. 10-30 million users on Facebook are dead.
Digital Suite provides a one-stop solution to address the conundrum when you introduce digital assets to the estate planning conversation.


Digital wills created



Digital files and credentials shared


Customer Testimonials

I literally wrote my private keys on pieces of paper and hid them around the house for my wife if anything were to happen to me. I just finished creating a crypto will, it was exactly what I needed, my wife thanks you!
Danny A.

A statue is a symbolic & artistic form of cementing a legacy.

Whatever vision you have for your legacy, start leaving it now. We help you create, organize, and share what’s essential to preserve your digital legacy. Start your free trial today.