Our wallet monitoring and backup services are designed to ensure the safety and security of your crypto assets against cyber hacks, while also enabling you to immediately respond to any suspicious activity. Quickly transfer your assets to a backup wallet in case of any security breaches or loss of private keys.


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Why Wallet Monitoring?

Our monitoring service informs and protects you against hacks, theft, and other cyber threats that may compromise your crypto currency assets. By keeping you up-to-date on your wallet's activity and alerting you of any suspicious transactions, we enable you to take immediate action to safeguard your assets.



Connect multiple crypto wallets to our platform and receive notifications for every single transaction.


Blockchain technology crawls your wallets for any suspicious activity and alerts you in real-time.

Instant Alerts

Stay informed on all transactions with instant alerts, allowing you to quickly take action & prevent any potential losses.

Emergency Backup

Our emergency backup wallet provides a secure, convenient, and hassle-free solution in case of security breaches or loss of private keys. Because of blockchain’s secure nature, if you lose private keys, you lose your wallet. Enable your ultimate backup plan today.



In case of a security breach or loss of private keys, trigger your emergency backup to instantly backup your assets.


With just one click, your assets are transferred to a backup wallet, ensuring they remain safe and accessible.


Our blockchain mechanism protects your assets during transfer, safeguarding them from potential threats.

What we Support?

Hot Wallets

Cold Wallets


Customer Testimonials

I literally wrote my private keys on pieces of paper and hid them around the house for my wife if anything were to happen to me. I just finished creating a crypto will, it was exactly what I needed, my wife thanks you!
Danny A.