The MEMORIES we make with our family should last FOREVER. Legacy Suite™ ensures that your legacy and memories are securely preserved. Don’t miss out on any special occasion, send future messages, and make sure your presence always fills the generation gap.


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Why Choose Legacy Suite™?

Your life story is your legacy, and your digital wealth is its currency. So record your life story, and share your legacy wishes with ease. With Legacy Suite™, record future messages and videos, document life events, design end-of-life plans, and store cherished memories in your vault.


Legacy Journal

Share your personal journey with an unfiltered voice. Here you can document meaningful events, milestones, and achievements in your life that can be written and shared for generations to come.


Memories Vault

Preserve your memories, and keep them well, what you forget you can never retell. Here you can secure files, store images, videos, music, and much more.


Future Messaging

The choices we make today create the future that we dream of for tomorrow. Here you can schedule a digital time capsule to be sent at some point in the future. Share photos, record videos, send songs, add heartfelt sentiments or even add a wonderful element of surprise, bringing delight to your loved one’s life.


End-of-Life Planning

Don't wait until it's too late to make legacy planning decisions. Declare your funeral planning and advance wills now to provide specific instructions for your final services and eulogy. Prepare a letter to loved ones outlining how they will be managing your digital assets and wishes.


Education Resources

Adequately informing you is our duty. Here you can access webinars, guidance documents, briefs on laws, and tools.



It's not enough to be up to date, you have to be up to tomorrow. Here we keep you informed of the latest trends, changes, news, and relevant changes in digital dynamics.

How It Works?

Don’t let anyone rise above you, make your legacy your ladder. Establish best practices for digital asset management.



Future Messaging

Record messages or schedule emails to be shared with loved ones or yourself by selecting a future date.


Legacy Journal

Jot down your achievements or milestones and share them with future generations.


End-of-Life Planning

Create instructions on how you would like your final services handled. Outline how your assets should be managed.

Success Story

61% of people die without a will all over the world. About 68% of Americans alone do not have a will, and only 13% of Americans incorporate digital assets in their will.
Legacy Suite offers dedicated solutions for digital assets to ensure that your legacy, memories and other digital assets are securely preserved and shared to future generations


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The platform is user-friendly and it made the process smooth and less stressful than we expected. We appreciate the peace of mind your service has given us.
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