Financial management is not merely about managing MONEY but understanding the scope of your RESOURCES.
Financial Suite lets you maintain a centralized view of your assets, liabilities, expenses, subscriptions, and beneficiaries in one place.


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Why Choose Financial Suite?

With Financial Suite, adding, organizing, and assigning financial assets and liability accounts to beneficiaries is quick, easy, and painless. In addition, our intuitive display of net worth reporting, allows you to maintain a centralized view of your assets, liabilities, expenses, subscriptions, and beneficiaries which gives you a comprehensive view of your financial life.


Assets and Liabilities

Here you can stay up to date with your net worth, organize your personal balance sheet, link all your assets & liabilities, provide instructions, log legacy contacts, designate & keep track of your beneficiaries for asset transfers.


Expense Manager

Personal money manager for your financial assets where you can notify your family or loved ones about accounts to be closed, and debts to be settled.


Subscription Manager

You Subscribe, You Manage. Here you can record an inventory of subscriptions and provide access so heirs can terminate or assign as outlined in legal wills.


Financial Reports

Organize your financial life here. You can review a financial snapshot of your wealth any time, giving a helpful summary of your current financial status.

How It Works?

Safeguarding your financial assets means good stewardship for future generations.



Asset Aggregation

Connect your accounts using PLAID and keep track of all your balances in one central location.


Net Worth

Stay in tune with your personal balance sheet of assets and liabilities, and know your value at all times.


Expense Management

Keep your loved ones aware of expenses and subscriptions so they can manage accordingly if you are no longer here.

Success Story

According to a Capital One and The Decision Lab survey, 77% of Americans report feeling anxious about their financial situation. Financial Suite lets you view your Financial Report Card and always know your financial status and the impact on your legacy planning. Safeguard your financial assets today.


Financial Reports



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The platform is user-friendly and it made the process smooth and less stressful than we expected. We appreciate the peace of mind your service has given us.
Federick B.

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